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Real Time Accessibility
Scanning & Monitoring

The World’s Most Comprehensive Accessibility Rule Engine

UserWay’s scanning and monitoring service runs more tests than any other accessibility service available today.

Our underlying rule engine is continuously updated to reflect the latest WCAG requirements and helps ensure new violations are flagged as soon as they occur on your site.

As technology and standards evolve, so does our rule base, allowing you to benefit from up-to-date insights, gap analyses, and reports.

Real Time Accessibility Monitoring

Comprehensive accessibility compliance can be a moving target for dynamic sites and CMS platforms. That’s especially true for sites with user-generated content (UGC), news sites and CMS platforms that continually publish fresh content that’s regularly updated.

UserWay’s real time content monitoring dashboard gives your team accessibility trends and insights for your site, as well as actionable real time alerts.

Always know exactly when and where new content with accessibility violations is published.

Experience Full Coverage Across Desktop and Mobile Resolutions

UserWay’s scanning and monitoring service performs multiple concurrent scans of your site to ensure complete coverage across all resolutions.

From desktop (wide) to mobile devices (narrow) and everything in between, UserWay’s multi-pronged approach ensures you can fully remediate every single accessibility violation on your site without the risk of any oversights.

Complete High-Volume Scans in Minutes

UserWay regularly scans and monitors large and complex sites that consist of hundreds of thousands of pages in mere hours.

Our distributed scanning and monitoring infrastructure can perform 30,000 scans on a site with 15,000 pages (covering both mobile and desktop resolutions) in under an hour. The first results of large scans are returned in just minutes.

With this robust infrastructure, we provide continuous, real time monitoring for leading organizations and enterprises, no matter their site’s size or complexity.

Prioritize Template-Level Violations First

Optimize your remediation efforts by first focusing on site-wide and template-level violations that affect the majority of your site's pages.

With UserWay Scanning and Monitoring, you can prioritize template-level issues that affect the largest number of pages to ensure the highest impact for your team's efforts and ROI for your organization.

One-Click Access to Screenshots of Each Violation

Screenshots make it simple to identify the link, image, video, menu item, field or any DOM element that is triggering the violation.

Whether your site is fully responsive or has a different mobile version, you will get screenshots for each violation by resolution to eliminate any guesswork.

Make your team's remediation work easier and faster, knowing you're all seeing the same picture.

Identify Issues Directly within Your Site’s Code

Peek under the hood to see the exact code responsible for every accessibility violation on your site.

Each violation flagged will also offer your team a detailed ’Recommended Action’ explaining how to perform the necessary code fix or remediation.

Even team members without prior knowledge of the hundreds of nuanced WCAG requirements will be able to resolve issues quickly and confidently using this guidance.

Advanced Issue Management Capabilities

View and manage thousands of issues effortlessly with intelligent issue grouping, sorting, and filtering.

UserWay’s scanning and monitoring service allows you to view and group issues by priority, status, severity, responsible team member, WCAG violation type, and more, to quickly and effortlessly work through each one and advance down your path to compliance.

Free Scan vs. Pro Real Time Monitoring

Get a free one-time scan or select ’Pro Scanning & Monitoring’ for industry leading monitoring, real time alerts as soon as non-compliant content is published, and powerful remediation insights to resolve issues quickly and easily.

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Free ScanOne Page

  • Scope: Single page scan
  • Violations: Included
  • Remediations: Included
  • Resolutions: Desktop only
  • Screenshots: Desktop only
  • Team members: Two

Pro Scanning & MonitoringEntire Site or Multiple Pages

  • Scope: Full site scan
  • Monitoring: Real time & alerts
  • Violations: Included
  • Remediations: Included
  • Mapping: Full sitemap & templates
  • Resolutions: Desktop, mobile, custom
  • Screenshots: Desktop, mobile, custom
  • Template-level violations: Included
  • Scan history: Unlimited
  • Team members: Unlimited
  • Access behind login walls: Included
  • Integrations & exports: Jira, GitHub, Trello, Asana, Bugzilla, Basecamp, etc.

Flexible Pricing for Sites of any Size or Structure

UserWay’s real time Scanning and Monitoring Service is flexibly priced to accommodate sites of any size or structure with options including pricing per page, template scans, full-site monitoring, and more.

1 Page

One scan
per month


10 Pages

Real time scanning
& monitoring


1,000 Pages

Real time scanning
& monitoring


Enterprise Plan


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